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Rainy Day Wedding at The Wayback in Austin, Texas

Bride and groom in front of the wayback cafe in austin texas with an umbrella and colorful bouquet. Bride is wearing a white fur coat over her dress

You know what they say about rain being lucky on your wedding day? Well, even if it is lucky, you should always have a backup plan on your wedding day just in case the rain tries to put a damper on your wedding day. In Texas, the weather can be as unpredictable as it is beautiful. Couples planning their dream wedding in Texas often face the ultimate question: Will the skies stay clear, or will Mother Nature try to rain on my parade? This was the case on a chilly January wedding day at The Wayback in Austin, Texas, where Chandler and Toni found themselves dealing with freezing rain as they prepared to say "I do."

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

There is no need to worry when the weather acts up. Here at The Wayback, a stunning wedding venue nestled in the heart of Austin, Texas, the weather is just another element that adds character to your celebration. With a charming indoor cafe option featuring a covered patio and the availability of a tented space for your reception, The Wayback ensures that the weather doesn't have to dampen the magic of your wedding day.

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

bride and groom standing in front of a small yellow car. Bride is wearing a white fur coat, groom is holding a colorful bouquet of flowers

What does a rainy-day wedding at The Wayback look like? We'll show you how we can adapt to the ever-changing Texas weather and how couples can embrace the elements to create a memorable wedding day.

You should always be prepared for the weather if you opt for an outdoor wedding. It is helpful to see the steps a venue can take to pivot your wedding from being a fully outdoor wedding ceremony and outdoor wedding reception to the complete protection of an indoor wedding ceremony and indoor wedding reception. If the weather gets in your way on your wedding day here at The Wayback, we are prepared with a backup plan you can trust.

Rainy-Day Wedding Backup Plan at The Wayback

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

1. Covered Patio Ceremony: If rain threatens your outdoor ceremony plans, The Wayback offers the option to move your small ceremony to the covered patio. With your guests comfortably sheltered from the rain, you can exchange your vows surrounded by the soothing sound of raindrops, adding a touch of romance to the moment.

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

2. Indoor Cafe Reception: For couples planning an outdoor lawn reception, the unpredictable Texas weather might give you a surprise shower. In such cases, The Wayback's indoor cafe is a beautiful alternative. Transition seamlessly from an outdoor to an indoor reception, enjoying the cozy atmosphere and rustic charm of the cafe's interior.

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

3. Tented Reception Space: If your wedding month is prone to rain, you can opt for a tent rental in advance. The Wayback can help you create a gorgeous tented reception space that combines the best of both worlds. You'll have the protection of a tent while still enjoying the ambiance of an outdoor reception. Decorate the tent to match your wedding theme, and let the raindrops create a mesmerizing backdrop as you celebrate. One of our favorite vendors to rent tents from is Premiere Events.

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

bride and groom showing off their wedding rings at their wedding reception at the wayback

By offering these flexible options,

The Wayback ensures that even if rain appears on your wedding day, it can still be a beautiful and memorable occasion. No matter how perfectly you plan and coordinate, the Texas weather can surprise us with rain, wind, or sun. You won't have to stress about the weather on your wedding day if you have a backup plan.

Whether transitioning seamlessly from an outdoor ceremony to a covered patio or moving from an open-air reception to an inviting indoor cafe, we've got you covered. If you're concerned about the weather in advance, consider our tented reception space option. With a tent rental on standby, you can enjoy the best of both worlds—an outdoor atmosphere and protection from the elements.

bride and groom kissing surrounded by their wedding party at the wayback in austin texas

Photography by: @juliasoniatphoto

So, if you're searching for the perfect wedding venue in Austin and the Texas Hill Country, look no further than The Wayback. We invite you to schedule a venue tour and explore all the spaces we have to offer. Your dream wedding awaits, and with The Wayback's adaptable options, you can rest assured that your celebration will be beautiful, rain or shine. Don't let the weather dictate your day—choose The Wayback and ensure your wedding is a picture-perfect event you'll cherish forever.

Wedding Vendors-

Venue + Catering: The Wayback

Photo: @marinebarianphoto for @juliasoniatphoto

Florals: @happybymp

Signage: @lbvdesignhouse

Hair + Makeup: @selmasosa__

Tent, Tables, Chairs: @premiereeventsatx

Lounge Furniture: @lootrentals

Linens: @bbjlatavola

Photo Booth: @ohhappydaybooth

Videographer: @newbeginningsfilms

Dress Shop: @unbridaled

Planner: @birddogwedding

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