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Sunday Brunch Wedding at The Wayback in Austin, Texas

Updated: Dec 12, 2023

Bride and groom at their Sunday Brunch Wedding at The Wayback in Austin Texas

On a sunny Sunday morning, under the warm Texan sun, Meredith and Vaughn exchanged their vows in a setting unlike any other in Austin, Texas. Meredith, the bride, planned a celebration combining the best of two worlds - a romantic wedding and a leisurely Sunday brunch.

Photography by: @featherandtwine

As a wedding planner herself, Meredith knew that their wedding had to be as unique as her love story with Vaughn. With their hearts set on a brunch wedding, they planned every detail to a tee to bring together their families and friends in a celebration of love, laughter, and delectable breakfast food. From the charming details of their colorful decor to the mouthwatering brunch that graced their tables, we'll explore the elements that made their brunch wedding truly special. So, grab your mimosa and prepare to be enchanted by the story of a couple who celebrated their love at the hidden gem of a wedding venue, The Wayback.

Photography by: @featherandtwine

A Sunday Brunch Wedding Planned by an Expert

Meredith, a talented wedding planner with Bird Dog Events, has an eye for detail and has spent years helping other couples bring their dream weddings to life. As she meticulously designed and executed countless wedding celebrations at venues around Austin, Texas, she dreamt of the day she would have the chance to create her dream wedding. When Vaughn proposed, she knew it was finally her turn to shine, and she could not have been more excited. Having worked at numerous venues across Austin, Meredith had seen it all, but The Wayback held a special place in her heart. From the lawn ceremony space that overlooks the Texas Hill Country and the cafe's charm, The Wayback offered the perfect canvas for her vision.

Photography by: @featherandtwine

Meredith and Vaughn knew they wanted their wedding day to be a true reflection of their fun-loving relationship, and the vibrant colors they chose played a crucial role in this endeavor. Elegant floral arrangements designed by Mountain Laurel Floral lined the ceremony aisle, bursting with shades of blue, purple, yellow, and white, creating a cheerful and romantic atmosphere. Patterned tablecloths from Nüage Designs added a pop of personality and style to the reception tables, infusing the space with energy and vibrancy. One of our favorite details was the blue wedding cake from Polka Dots Bakery, a non-traditional modern centerpiece that was a showstopper during their wedding reception.

Photography by: @featherandtwine

One of the most memorable highlights of Meredith and Vaughn's wedding day was the delectable brunch that The Wayback Cafe had prepared for the occasion. With an exquisite spread, the brunch wedding had everyone smiling. Guests were treated to a delightful biscuit bar, where they could customize their biscuits with an array of sweet and savory toppings, creating a personalized breakfast treat. The French toast soufflés, baked to perfection, melted in the mouth, while the yogurt parfaits were the treat for those seeking a lighter option. This thoughtfully curated menu added a unique and unforgettable element to Meredith and Vaughn's Sunday brunch wedding, ensuring that their guests were left with not only cherished memories but also full and satisfied.

Photography by: @featherandtwine

Are Sunday Weddings a Good Idea?

In our opinion? YES! Sunday weddings have gained popularity in recent years, and for good reason. They offer several advantages that make them a fantastic choice for couples looking to tie the knot. Here are three reasons why we love Sunday weddings:

Photography by: @featherandtwine

1. Cost Savings: One of the most significant benefits of a Sunday wedding is the potential for cost savings. Many wedding venues and vendors offer reduced rates for Sunday events compared to prime Saturday dates. This means you can allocate your budget more efficiently or afford higher-quality services or enhancements. Here at The Wayback Sunday, weddings start at $6,500, allowing you a more budget-friendly wedding venue option.

2. Availability: Saturday weddings are in high demand, making it challenging to secure your desired venue or vendors, especially during peak wedding season. Sunday weddings open up additional availability, giving you more options and flexibility to choose your preferred location and service providers.

3. Unique Themes: Sunday weddings offer an opportunity to think outside the box regarding themes and styles. You can opt for a Sunday brunch wedding, a garden picnic, or even a sunset soirée, allowing you to create a unique and unforgettable experience for both you and your guests.

With the potential for cost savings, increased availability, and the opportunity to host a distinctive event, it's no wonder that more couples are choosing Sunday as the perfect day to say "I do." If you're looking to host a Sunday brunch wedding at The Wayback, schedule your tour today!

Wedding couple getaway for a Sunday brunch wedding at The Wayback in Austin Texas

Photography by: @featherandtwine

Wedding Vendors-

Planning + Design | @birddogwedding

Day-Of Coordination | @alexfaglie

Venue, Food + Bev | @thewaybackaustin

Signage + Day-Of Paper Goods | @lbvdesignhouse

Bridal Gown | @unbridaledaustin

Rentals (Linens) | @nuagedesignsinc

Rentals (Lounge) | @beelavishvintage

Rentals (Tables) | @premiereeventstx

Rentals (Umbrellas) | @yellowrose.collective

Rentals (Cake Plates) | @tablemannerstx

Valet | @uptownvalet

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